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Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares | Star Wars Cantina mashup movie poster


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    This Remixed poster is based on Star Wars, the most popular movie franchise of all time - and Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, a reality show about Chef Ramsay going around the world saving restaurants from their owner's ineptitudes. Gross fun!

    Your choice between 6 (six!) different versions:

    1. I've got a bad feeling about your dish
    2. The Wampa meat's burnt more than Uncle Owen & Aunt Beru!
    3. Just because you're Chewie doesn't mean your food has to be
    4. That chicken's raw! Get your head out of Cloud City!
    5. That's no moon...That's your f*!@ing ass getting kicked out the kitchen!!!
    6. There's a hair in that dish!!! Did you use a wok or an ewok?!?

    This poster is printed on 13x19" glossy photo stock with archival-grade pigment ink. Frame not included :(
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